Assassin Song

the only truth is the road
and the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason
you kill the president they turn around and call it treason

there's no way out
so please don't scream and shout
we're all locked down
forever bound

underprivileged religious masses
divided into classes who need glasses to see
how the man is oppressing their reality
emphatically I speak
I never freak a woman unless she is my beast

nothing's true all is permissable
that's what the assassin said
live a life that isn't kissable
you might as well be dead
dead dead dead
take a bullet put it in your motherfucking head
dead dead dead/ that's what I said

the true criminal lives on the fringe
and binges on virtues and sins that impinge
on the established general suffering
making your everyday prisoner cringe
take it down a inch

so you say you want a revolution
kid you best be ready to eat some rats
cos the supermarket's closed
when you're out in the street busting caps
but if it's come to that (something something)
and leave your life behind
maybe things will turn out better next time