Great Distraction

I pity all the girls who suffered through all my hapless infatuations
and I apologize to you pretty objects of my devastation
you who suffered through curses conjured up by invisible neuro-demons
sometimes I cut my heart right out to be free of fruitless palpitations

all life is pain and love is the great distraction
all love is pain and drugs are the great distraction
all drugs are pain and death is the great distraction
all death is pain and life is the great distraction

I can't get no peace of mind so I put some up my nose
and in the wasteland of my head blooms one narcotic rose
I become an angel flying high up above this rotten city
but lying twitching on the floor I know I need another dose

all life is pain...

Chris has got some rock eating at her brain
I never liked her Jesus stuff before but now it don't seem so inane
she'll just dose off one night and she's in the arms of her lord forever
without self deception what on earth is gonna shield us from the rain

all life is pain...