Love Song

the sun in my eye like a pizza pie
and I wasn't scared at all
I said I like your sneakers where'd you get 'em
and I knew I was soon to be whole

trapped in a picture frame
I was living up to my own name
I was but you released me from that cos
just cos

and I love you do anything for you
I'd burn it all to ashes just to dote on you
I'd give you all my clothes and I forget my name
just because I love you/ you're my only aim

wandering around at an orientation of the white suburban race
the wheel of fortune took a turn and brought you smack in my face

I was in love with you yesterday
I'm more in love with you today
I wanna feel your hot body
you are the only one for me

and I love you do anything...

now listen up close kid never desist
to live an open life and raise a clenched fist
provide the antihistamine to any unpleasant input
but fuck around with me and risk getting your shit took
now I love a beast and our love is so bright
just like the white of the moon shining down on the sidewalk
give a sideways clock real slow cos she got a pleasant stroll
from her last vertebrae to the base of her skull
rocking more curves than a mile long strand of DNA
if I was Hades she'd be Persephone
queen of the blossom an awesome display of foreplay
exhibited in my own very special sort of way
you mean forte

and I love you do anything...