Piss on a Memory

does it really pay to piss on a memory
just because it's a memory
result of a change in the way you see
an alternate of the way you be
but as a part of eternity
you are by nature ever changing

you can try to be immutable like a stone
a Michelangelo of static beauty
but earthquakes fire wind will see you crumble
so now you've come into your own
the pinnacle of human understanding
but it's your destiny yes to be humbled

if I knew now what I knew then
could I really live again

idealist individualist
capitalist kid from America
all pent up and yearning to be free
whilin in Amsterdam
he's got no brakes to stop his bicycle
all hopped up on love and ecstasy

if I knew now what I knew then
could I really live again
or would I end up just like them
staring at the wall
all hell-bent on nothing
obliterate it all

cards fall down inside the empty room
the captured space evaporates
and merges with the whole like thoughts upon my face
I don't know I hope I get there soon and quit the race
And I hope that everybody's happy laughing in my face

always shooting for the mean
the emotional washing machine
of psychiatry has convinced me
that what I feel is neurosis and insanity
the mind divine
I walk the fine line
between self love and the sin of vanity

always keep on running
stay on the run
don't forget your money
don't forget your gun
cos if you don't they'll catch you
if you don't they'll come
come and lock you up from you and me and everyone