Ultimate Pop Song

you and I gonna rot in hell for eternity baby
you'll see when I come down and destroy everything I made
feels great in the winter summer and after then who knows
it goes so fast I nearly burst my membrane

do you want to rock
is your heart beating tick tock tick tock
or are you gonna sit there looking cool
and just staring at the clock

Damien and me smoking sherm talking shit just driving around LA
yesterday/ but today AA has killed the arist that I once knew
and that's you/ that's you
how could you kill a friend for an ideal
kill a friend for what ain't real

are you gonna go
down with me to the liquor store
take the conscience of a whole damn race
and just puke it on the floor

my love is of the most beautiful angel baptized in the flame
was vain but not as vain as a king who would drown the world
he made but betrayed cos the man found a will that would make him die
and I will forever side with the most beautiful angel

now you ask where freedom lies
well have you looked behind your eyes
now come on and think them happy thoughts
while all your heroes die

are you gonna rock with me to the sound of the sea/ come on
or are you gonna go downtown sell yourself for some brown/ come on
don't you believe in love
then what are you dreaming of
when you pull up your sleeve and shove the needle deep in

what's a little addiction between friends/ a means to the end
what's a little addiction between friends/ it means the end